Gritting Services Cumbria | Mobile Road Gritting & Salt Supply

Gritting ServicesJohn Elliot Ltd offers mobile road gritting contracts for both domestic & commercial clients and public authorities - for the removal of snow & ice from roads & pathways.

Here at John Elliot Ltd, we understand the business concerns which are created by ice and snow during the winter months, the need, not only to provide a safe environment for staff and clients, but also the need to be able to continue to operate your daily business with the minimum of disruption.  Our gritting service ensures that you have continual peace of mind for your company and your clients during the winter season.

Throughout the winter season John Elliot Ltd's Gritting Service operates a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation. We offer tailor made gritting programmes, using specialist spreading equipment designed for use on both large and small premises. We are also able to operate outside office hours, therefore, minimising any disruption to the working day.

We can also supply salt bins to our contracted clients, filling and re-filling as required.

Our Cumbria Gritting Services include:

  • Mobile Road Gritting
  • Car Park Gritting Services
  • Public footpaths and pedestrian area gritting
  • Commercial Gritting Services
  • Manual Hand Salting
  • Industrial & Factory Site Gritting
  • Salt Supply
  • Supply of Salt Bins
  • Salt Bin Re-filling
  • Sandbag Supp

We cover Businesses Premises, Retail Parks, Roads, Footpaths, Pedestrian Areas and Car Parks.

Commercial contracts are available and are tailor made to your requirements. We discuss all your needs and enquire about any areas on the site which can be more troublesome, ensuring that no matter what the weather, we can not only ensure your gritting requirements are met, but also that extra attention is paid to the more problematic parts of your site if needed.

If you are unsure if we can offer you a service where you or your sites are located then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It's never been more important to ensure your car parks and pedestrian walkways are safe when temperatures drop to freezing or when snow falls. Ice and Snow can cause huge disruption for employers not to mention potential injury and financial loss. John Elliot Ltd can help you reduce this risk – contact us today for more information.

Sandbag Supply Services | Sandbags Flood Prevention & Control

Sandbags can be used to stop or limit flood water entering buildings - If you have an area vulnerable to flooding our flood sandbags are an essential part of your defences.

The John Elliot Ltd sandbag service includes 24hr, seven days a week call out for delivery to home or business addresses. The Environment Agency and local councils recommend that property at risk of flooding have a stock prepared.